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Name : MAI Lounge

Project : Restaurant/Bar design 

Year : 2014

Status : Finalized, final photos

Location : Sibiu

Unveiling this year in Sibiu, MAI Lounge stands as a testament to innovative interior design. The challenge was to seamlessly blend three diverse service realms—functioning as a chic café by day, transforming into an inviting lounge during the evening, and transitioning into a dynamic club experience at night. Beyond aesthetic considerations, the focus was on creating an immersive journey through carefully selected materials, strategic lighting scenarios, and meticulous proportions. This multifaceted space doesn't just evolve with the time of day but also maintains a cohesive identity. Musical playlists and dynamic lighting choreography orchestrate the transition, ensuring a captivating experience at every turn. MAI Lounge emerges as a beautifully designed and functionally versatile space, offering patrons an engaging environment that adapts seamlessly from sunrise to midnight.

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