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Name : Altran HQ

Project : Office workspace

Year : 2016

Status : Finalized, final photos

Location : Cluj Napoca

Altran's debut office in Romania spans 600 sqm, intricately partitioned and organized by our team. This project, reflecting the genesis of Altran's presence in the country, allowed us to infuse it with a dynamic aesthetic. The new brand book features graphics inspired by the controlled movement of trains, cars, and airplanes—areas where Altran excels in managing complexity.

This project holds a special place in our hearts, personalized with set-design elements, and it unfolded over six months of meticulous implementation. The result is not just a functional workspace but a visual representation of Altran's identity. From the symbolic graphics to personalized elements, every detail was carefully curated to harmonize functionality and aesthetics. This inaugural office stands as a testament to our commitment to translating organizational ethos into vibrant, tangible spaces that inspire creativity and productivity.

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